Review on Plan My Baby by Alicia Pennington

Plan My Baby Review

The Plan My Baby is a book on natural preconception methods to determine the gender of your baby. Written by Alicia Pennington, a midwife of 23 years experience, this program helps you to understand and try out the methods that can help you get the baby of your dream.

Alicia Pennington has spent many years attending courses and studying preconception methods before she wrote this book. The system is a natural, risk-free way for you to choose the sex of your baby. It doesn’t use any superstitious methods like Chinese Calendars or Astrology chart for you to do this. Every method discussed in this book is methodically and scientifically explained so you will understand the reason and logic behind every step.

To date, Plan My Baby has achieved a 94% success rate and Alicia has shared this plan with more than 8529 patients. She doesn’t guarantee a 100% or even 99% success rate because as a midwife and a person of medical background, she understands that no procedure can be guaranteed a perfect success rate.

Does Plan My Baby Work?

In this program, every aspect of a woman’s body and the science behind pregnancy is explained in detail.

The first chapter of this book talks about the importance of prepping your body for pregnancy if you’re ready to have a baby. Here, Alicia shares the story about a woman’s ovaries so you will understand the journey of pregnancy from day 1. In the book, you will also learn why it is important for you to watch your weight before you’re pregnant and Alicia included a table for your BMI so you’re able to see if your body is suitable for pregnancy yet or not.

The next chapter discusses in detail about the science of conceiving. Alicia uses 3 simple steps in this program in order for you to increase your chances of conceiving the baby of your preferred gender. These steps are:
  • Understanding and knowing your ovulation

  • This method is crucial because for you to be able to conceive, you will need to have sex during your ovulation week. Plus, because your body and vaginal pH balance changes during ovulation week, it’s important for you to know when you’re ovulating. For this, Alicia includes an ovulation calculator in her book so will not miss your chance to conceive

  • Eat the right food to promote healthy environment for your man’s sperm

  • In Chapter 3 of this program, Alicia talks about how a gender is conceived and this is predetermined in the chromosome of your man’s sperm. However, you can help this sperm to favor towards the baby gender of your choice through your diet. Alicia provides an extensive list on the different kind of food you should eat more or less of if you want to have a baby boy or a baby girl

  • Sexual position

  • Many will probably scoff off this method as to pure old wives’ tale but in the book, nothing is left unexplained. So Alicia thoroughly discusses why certain sexual position between you and your man can help to increase the odds of having the baby of your dream. This is discuss in Chapter 7 where Alicia talks about different sexual position you should assume if you’re looking to conceive a boy or a girl.

Is Plan My Baby a Scam?

Other than these 3 simple steps that you can put into practice, Plan My Baby also talks about many other aspects of conceiving and pregnancy.

Alicia talks in length about the mistakes many couples make when trying to conceive. According to her, things that people take for granted like lifestyle, tight clothing for men or having intercourse at the wrong time are the contributors why many couple didn’t either conceive or at least didn’t get the baby gender they wanted.

If you have been wondering how to get a baby boy or a baby girl, you will find this book helpful because Alicia patiently talks about the importance of other factors when trying to conceive such as the timing and frequency of intercourse, sexual positions and orgasms. This program also teaches you on the biological aspect of conceiving such as basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus and ovulation.

With these explanations, you will be able to understand how these natural methods are increasing your chances in getting the baby of you always dream of. Since Plan My Baby is very scientific and backed by medical explanation, it is hard to refute the possibility of its effectiveness.

This book doesn’t not only share with you the risk-free, natural methods of conceiving a specific baby gender but it also talks about what should do once you have successfully conceived. To Alicia, it is not enough if you have been wondering how to get a baby girl or a baby boy; you will also need to know your responsibility during pregnancy and what you can expect throughout the 9 months you’re pregnant. As a midwife, Alicia shares all her experience and advice for pregnant mothers in this program so you can ensure that you will have both a healthy pregnancy and a healthy bouncing baby.

How To Choose Baby's Gender

If you have been trying numerous methods to conceive or trying for a certain baby gender, you should definitely get Plan My Baby today.

Alicia guarantees her methods are not miraculous or some kind of a new discovery because she uses her well-researched studies along with handpicked real-life methods that are proven to work for her patients. Because this method is natural and drug free with no side effects whatsoever, there is no risk or danger in it for you to try if you get it today. Remember, the book uses 100% natural method to conceive so you are not expected or asked to go for a medical consultation or take injections of any sort.

Plan My Baby is now priced at $47 from its original price of $97. But what happens if you feel that these methods are not working for you or they just don’t produce the results you were hoping for? Don’t worry, as Alicia offers a 60-Day money back guarantee by ClickBank so your money will be refunded when you return this program.

But if you have spent your days dreaming about conceiving a baby or a boy, $47 will be the best way for you to spend that money because maybe in 9 months, you’ll be cuddling the baby of your dream.